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It’s a Flat World, After All

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What is the next rung that knowledge workers in countries like India should aim for?

Just read a interesting article in New York Times magazine about the convergence of different forces of globalisation (to a good extent aided by technology) and how its levelling the playing field for the best brains in the world to ‘innovate’ without ‘immigrating’. It was intresting to learn that ‘American shareholders paid for connecting Indians to global market place’. In the global village its only the ‘intellectual capital’ which is the key ingredient for success. Even as the trade barriers keep coming down, knowledge networks keep building up. While globalisation will mean different things to different people, it can be safely said that the intellectuals will have only to gain (if not always materially) from the ‘global’ knowledge market place. Its not just the organisation structures that are getting flatter, but also the ability of the knowledge hungry to compete globally to show their worth. Its the literacy levels of the nations which are in focus than material resources. Even as nations ‘keep raising the bars’, it would a match to watch as long the barriers being raised are intellectual and not trade related. For after all a level playing field is what globalisation promises – for everything you do, there are many out there who are trying to do it better!!


Written by srinivasreddy

April 5, 2005 at 9:48 am

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