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What Next for Indian IT?

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What is the next rung that knowledge workers in countries like India should aim for?

A old IBM paper related to this (even if title says New Competitive Stragegies) is still relavent. Check link for details

A recent tech event keynote from a leading Tech firm execute is also relavent in this context. Check link for details

Check also living on the fault line by Geoffery Moore

and NewYork Times article on a flat world from Thomas L. Friedman

The common thread  between them as I see it is, in the ‘new world’ of dynamic stability invention/innovation/standardisation and commodaisation are constantly happening.  Applied to the context of IT a lot of legacy systems and non core (standard/commodity) processes (check Harvard Business Review article ‘IT does not matter’ from Nicholass Carr are outsourced and this is where Indian IT companies are most active. Moving up the value chain for Indian knowledge workers means developing process/domain skills to help global companies invent and innovate. Now that Indian IT companies understand standard/commodity processes they are best positioned to go up the value chain.  Even as they drive Industrialisation of IT they should also contribute to its innovation. We see this already happening in a few firms.


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May 4, 2005 at 9:48 am

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