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Disruption is occouring in digital media (be it data/audio/video/…).  This is disrupting all media (news/music/tv/films/games/radio/publishing-books/marketing-ads/…) and related industries.  Convergence happening on different client devices (mobile thin/thick clients – network connected to services) and ServiceOrientedApplications(SoA) will drive digital disruption.  Developments in weblogs/podcasts/(Personal video recorders/digital TV/…) driven by RSS and emerging developments in VoIP & DoIP and hotspots/WiMax will accelerate disruption. Consumers need to take a holistic view to emerging mobile middleware.  Ensure your different hardware (mobile phone/ digital camera / laptop /desktop / servers) & software interoperate.  This explains why integration and webservices are hyped in media currently.  The software models in the service layer need to be standarised (webservies) and development tools (be it visual studio/ eclipse/..) and application frameworks (be it based on .NET, Java, LAMP,…) need to be standardised to ensure easy interoperability and integration.  The metamodels and generation into code needs architectural insight and understanding the big picture. If you thought Apple’s ipods were great, what we are seeing with the evolving podcasting is only the beginning.

Know where the industry is heading. The media center solutions being pushed by microsoft (integrates pc-mobile-tv-games console-..)/apple/sony/…  has deep implications for all!!  There is a need to integrate collobaration  (IM/calender-mail/meetings/phone/VC/groups/networks/…) in a process-workflow context to make media centre  productive & fun!! As producers & consumers of IT we need to understand the evolving IT ecosystem and adapt to the changes. Microsoft is going for whole ecosystem with windows mobile & media center solutions (api’s for office/ connectivity -bluetooth+++ / media player/ ….) they want to own all emerging client interfaces, sadly no one seems to giving them any serious challenge. The recent TechEd announcements by Microsoft which emphasize on ‘processes’ & ‘workflow’ is all about integration of different software/hardware pieces.


Written by srinivasreddy

June 14, 2005 at 9:52 am

Posted in Technology

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