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Processes are the heart of all activities – enterprise or individual. The success or failure greatly depends on the processes followed.  IT enabled the transformation of processes first by digitalizing them, then connecting the digital processes to the network and now combining them using internet connected components (Web 2.0). Objectives of individuals/enterprises to enhance productivity/increase value/innovate or closely linked to evolving the processes in this direction.  While IT is not a must in all processes improvements, its the key ingredient – its not about man or machine but how you can combine them most efficiently. Development of nations is closely linked to the quality of its human resources. If one looks inside successfully enterprises/individuals or nations for that matter what is driving them is the process efficiency.  Any nation/enterprise/individual aspiring global recognition needs to loosely look at its processes.  While humans are key elements of process design, the  process design itself must ensure sufficient checks/balances to drive things in the right direction.  The design itself is a dynamic process and needs to be self learning. Internet based services today offer a unique opportunity to redesign processes for great efficiency/productivity if only the process designers leverage it properly and educate/upgrade the related human resources accordingly.  While we as a nation are trying to do this in different domains (health, financial services, administration, transport) we need to extend this to more domains (agriculture/sports/ infrastructure – power, water, telecom/….) and increase the breadth and depth of our offering. 

How can we optimize these domain processes and what are the issues?  The (local) content needed for most domains is not in digital format. The local content needs to be digitalized / connected to network and provided for universal access.  It should be easy for stake holders (citizens/ govt / enterprises/..) to update/leverage content. Defining processes for digitalization (domain specific) with supporting infrastructure is a challenge. While different state govt.’s have different e-govt. initiatives they lack a co-ordinated/standardised efforts and lack the global view/dynamic nature/easy of use/reuse. Even as we optimize the processes of the worlds leading enterprises as leaders in BPO we should surely do more to the processes within our own country.

Who should define the processes, make infrastructure available and provide content on a continuous basis? 

Should creating the digital infrastructure be very different form creating physical infrastructure? While govt. has a central role there are lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs and for citizen activism.  While we talk about lack of development in the country, at the roots to solving this problem is redesigning our processes leveraging the digital infrastructure.  President Kalam very rightly pointed out that broadband networks are infrastructure like roads and should be given away for free.  Only this can make the future innovations be it wikis, craiglists, google, amazons….  to have origins in India a reality.  While this has a lot to do with changing the mindsets of the people, India in general is going in the right direction :o)


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September 12, 2005 at 6:27 am

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