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Wish you & your family members a very Happy New Year.  While 2005 has been a great year for Developers, we can look forward to 2006 with optimism and hunger.  As IT gets increasingly embedded in all human activities a Tech guru had rightly observed ‘our Civilization runs on Software’.  Software developers need to move up the value stack from coding to design and architecture.

Last year has really been a year of Consumer Web driven by Consumer Electronics innovations – be it hardware such as iPods/xBox/3G Mobiles/.. or services such as Google Maps/Vertical Search/Social Networking/ Net2Phone/ IP TV/…  As expected the enterprises continue to lag in adapting to the disruptive innovations.  I expect this trend to continue.  We need to take a ecosystem view to understand the trends and profit from it. I broadly see the IT ecosystem to consist of  Software, Hardware and Networks.  While disruptive innovations continue in each, we need to see things in combined perspective. In a broader sense federation is happening in each layer.  In the software stack, service oriented architecture are being designed to enable disruptive service compositions (composite apps).  In the hardware stack we continue to see device federation – researchers are working on being able to seemlessly work with mobiles/PC/TV/… be it for reuse of display/ input devices/storage…   On the network front aslo we see federation happening between different options GPRS/GSM/3G/Cable/Broadband/Wi-Fi/BlueTooth/..  While different benefits of ecosystem federation can already be seen (it’s amazing what all one can do with a smartphone!), we are still scratching the surface of what’s possible.  If Apple iPods were cool then its just a taste of things to come.  My predictions for 2006, we will see more innovations in each layer but its the combined effect which will decide the winners.  Mobile Phone platform is where I expect most action from the end-user perspective, off course this needs to be supported with value adding backend services (driven by Google like aggregation services) and disruptive (peer2peer?) networks.   We will be creating a lot of data (using a mobile phone one can now create huge amount of photo/audio/video data in no time and combine this with all the data we will be collecting from sensor networks) which will make having right processes in place to transform the data into actionable information all the more important.  While we will have more power than anytime in human history, it will also be abused more (spam/security risks/diversions/….)

Some links that point to things to come;jsessionid=AX13INBOTCGMYQSNDBOCKHSCJUMEKJVN?articleID=174400350&printable=true

As a final note for the year ahead, given that change is the only constant, learning to be adaptive to the changing IT ecosystem is the only way to survive and grow.


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January 5, 2006 at 1:55 am

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