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I have just returned from 2 week visit to India (Hyderabad) and would like to reflect on my visit.  Having visited India after over 2 years I sure was surprised by the changes.

Having got used to living in Germany (to think of it I a have been living there for over 7 years now!), it took me  a while to get used to the competition for everything – be it driving, shopping,  hotels,…..  As I told my wife ‘its the survival of the fittest’ here. While the weak had no chance still people are considerate when some needed help – the heart is still in the right place!!.  One striking difference to the west I could find was the excess personal in all service businesses – be it shopping malls, hotels, railway station, …   The only exception I found was the amazing automation in ICICI bank.  I could not but help reflecting on how can we productively use our  human resource pool?  Obvioulsy western style automation can only spell doom to the millions seeking jobs. While IT industry is doing  a great job of providing decent jobs, clearly generating large scale employment  will be a big issue.  The west better watch out as the ‘IT/BPO resource pool’ in India has a huge potential to grow still.  

Even as the ‘India growth story’ was visible alround,  I could not help wondering are we just aping the west or are we creating some unique value?  While we have a huge need for innovative solutions – be it in energy, transportation, education sector,…… there was no real visible signs of local innovation.  The ‘herd mentality’ be it in developing malls, investing in stocks,….. was still all too obvious.

Having got a few opportunities to see ‘rural india’, it was plain that not much changed.  People still are puppets in the hands of politicians.  Empowering rural India is only on paper, on the field the illiterate masses are being exploited as for centuries!.  A truly emerging India is only possible when the rural masses understand there rights and have the courage to fight for them and create there own destiny.

It was heartening to see the IT industry getting more broad based in its service portfolio.  A lot more domains (financial, engineering, legal, entertainment,…) are being addressed by the BPO industry and the skyrocketting stockmarket can only help create new world leaders in the service sector.  Even if people are ‘living on the edge’  they are increasingly working with ‘cutting edge technologies’ :o)


Written by srinivasreddy

April 25, 2006 at 6:16 pm

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