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What will not change for IT?

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A very Happy New Year to you and all your family member’s. My usual first post for the year  is to make predictions for the New Year and to review the year that was.  I would like to take a break with tradition this time, no it does not have to do with my success rate at predictions ;o)   I would like to take a step back and try to understand what will not change this year and the time to come than trying to make some grand predictions of what we can expect from the year.

‘Usability’ is a factor that will not change for a long time. Any IT product/service that end users do not find usable has no market. In a increasingly end user driven IT market focus on usability is a must do. Without going into nitty gritties of usability, gaining insights into usability is a skill one must invest into. ‘Customer focus’ is a skill IT folks need to develop. In the current times of real time end-user feedback, the need for adaptive design of products/services that customers really want/need is going to be critical. A lot of web platforms (like Facebook, developer communities) make it easy for developers to share their creation in real-time and build on it.

‘Total cost of Ownership(TCO)’ is a factor that all developers need to understand. At the end of the day if investments will be made in IT or on some other activity will purely depend on the value created by the investments.  The need to reduce TCO (be it by hardware virtualization, using SaaS, Business process outsourcing …) will not change. How can we reduce the TCO of products/services we design/build?  Its a lot of food for thought :o) Harnessing ‘Collective Intelligence’ is a skill demand for which can only increase. I like to think of problems in terms of simple (are automated or need low skills), complicated (need experts to resolve them), Complex (need collaboration across domains) and chaotic (system needs to first stabilize) problems. We can expect most human mental effort to be exercised in solving complex and complicated problems. Need for Skills/frameworks enabling Collaboration (be it like Wikepedia, social tagging, Opensource bug fixing …) will not change. Developing interpersonal and communication skills with global understanding are also part of this. It’s truly a global village out there :o)

‘Adaptive Execution’ skill to work smartly is needed. This would call for ability to recognize emerging patterns (be it in customer requirements, technology changes, market changes,…) and act on it in real time.  In current times of information overload and short attention spans the need to smartly execute adhoc tasks and selective listening needs to be learnt. Taking breaks for brain games may not be such a bad idea ;o)

While change is the only constant, we will do well to remember that fundamentals will remain the same and keep our focus on it.

Written by srinivasreddy

January 14, 2008 at 7:05 pm

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